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Australian Register of Pedorthists

The Pedorthic Register is established to recognise the people that provide quality service and products to patients requiring specialised footwear due to medical problems.

The register is supported by the Pedorthic Association Australia but managed independently to provide access to all practitioners in Australasia.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide recognition services to trained Pedorthists so that the quality levels and patient satisfaction is improved.

We manage and maintain the register of Pedorthists that have demonstrated a superior level of competence and commitment to quality, and we anticipate that through providing this recognition service those people that experience mobility problems due to medical conditions will be experience an improvement in life opportunities.

Company Profile

The Pedorthic Register is managed and maintained by as a division of RIMS Consulting (AUST) Pty Ltd.

We have worked with the Pedorthic Association Australia to establish a criteria for the Certified Pedorthist.

Our established procedures ensure that all candidates demonstrate the competency required to provide quality medical grade footwear service and products and to manage the patient relationship so that satisfaction is ensured. 

Contact Information

The staff of the Pedorthic Register Register may be contacted to seek further information about the register, confirm certification status of Certified Pedorthists, register complaints about registered pedorthists  or offer suggestions for improving the information supplied by the register.

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